Veronica, Campanula and Ladies in the Bath

We thought we’d show you a few plants today which you can pop in now, while we’re waiting for the summer bedding season to start.

Everybody’s desperate for a bit of colour in their gardens already, and it’s very tempting to nip down to the supermarket and buy some geraniums and petunias. But really it’s too cold to put them out just yet. Unless you’ve got a greenhouse or somewhere to keep them warm until probably the end of May, you’ll probably lose them and you’ll have to buy them again.

So here are a few plants that are really pretty right now.

We have a Veronica – this is a kind of alpine; low growing and full of lovely bright blue flowers. It will probably last well into April, and if you chop it down it should flower again straight afterwards. This is a ground cover plant, so it should go to the front of the border.

Secondly, we have a Campanula – lovely purple flowers, and everyone loves this one. This will creep along the ground and cover quite a long way. Again, low coverage, so if you have anywhere that collects the weeds, you’re better off putting something like this in, and that will cover up the weedy area with a much prettier colour.

At the back we have something a bit bigger – Dicentra spectabilis ‘Alba’ – known by us and others as the Lady in the Bath plant. If you carefully pull the flower apart it reveals a lady, sitting in a bathtub. Dicentra is a very early spring flowering border plant, so it has to go into the ground, and it will get to about 70-80cm high in a nice position. It wants to be fairly damp, not soggy, soil but certainly somewhere it’s not going to dry out. You get lovely bright green foliage. There is also a pink version, where the bathtub is pink coloured, and the lady is still white. It’s a really lovely garden plant, so do have a look when you visit us.

We’re open every weekend, 10am-4pm, between now and the end of September, weather permitting. So please come along and support your local nursery – we can’t do it without you.