Our plants

We stock a wide range of perennials, shrubs, grasses, bulbs, ferns, evergreens and alpines, as well as some edibles and annuals. We rarely stock trees, roses or climbers, but we can order those in if required.

We grow a lot of our plants on-site. Our range varies depending on the time of year and stock availability. If you are looking for anything specific then please ask.

During the season we’ll have selected stock on special offer – keep an eye on our What’s on page for further details.

Broadly speaking, our plants fall into these categories:


Perennials start growing in the spring. They flower, set seed and die down for the winter, returning again the following spring.

We specialise in growing herbaceous perennials. During the year we stock a wide range of flowering perennials, including lupins, hostas, hellebores, campanula, potentilla, stachys, penstemon, hemerocallis (day lillies), poppies, pulsatilla, salvia, verbascum, sedum, iris, rudbeckia, helenium, geranium and phlox. We can also order in plants for you if we do not have them in stock ourselves.

Shrubs form a woody framework of branches from which leaves and flowers sprout. They often provide structure in the garden, and can get large if not pruned regularly.

We stock a range of shrubs, including lavender, chaenomeles, cistus, hypericum, escallonia, weigela, exochorda, fuschia and hydrangea, in 3-10 litre pot sizes.

We can also order in shrubs on demand.

Bulbs are invaluable in the garden. They remain dormant for part of the year, then flower spectacularly, usually during spring or summer.

We stock potted alliums, tulips, dwarf daffodils, camassia, fritillaria, leucojum, erythronium and gladiolus.

We can also source loose bulbs for you at the appropriate time of year.

Ornamental grasses provide movement and texture in the garden.

We hold a small stock of ornamental grasses, including stipa gigantea, stipa tenuissima, festuca, carex, miscanthus and pennisetum.

We can order in others on request.

Evergreens provide year-round interest and structure in the garden.

We hold a small but expanding selection of evergreens, including a variety of heucheras, English and French lavender, ajuga, hellebores, ferns, escallonia and fatsia.

Alpines can be used to provide ground cover. They prefer very well drained soil and a sunny position.

We hold a variety of alpines, including aubretia, sedum, lithodora, acena and saxifrage.

We are mainly a grower of perennials, but we do grow a small stock of annuals – plants that complete their lives within one year – and we order in bedding plants on demand and can make up hanging baskets to order.

Please check the current stock list, or ask us.