3 good reasons to visit this Easter

3 good reasons to visit this Easter

As I write the sky is blue and it’s a lovely, bright spring morning. As you may know, we’re not usually open on a Friday, but today is Good Friday and we’re open 3 days this weekend, so we thought we’d give you 3 good reasons to visit us this Easter.

Reason 1 – Doronicum orientale ‘Little Leo’


We have a limited stock of this little beauty, which will brighten up any garden. A slow spreading perennial, it produces single, daisy-like flowers in a vibrant yellow. It will flower from now until late spring and, once watered in and settled, requires little after care, eventually growing to 50cm high with a 60cm spread. The perfect low-maintenance garden plant.

Reason 2 – Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Winky Mixed’


Despite a horrid cutesy name, this flowering shrub has lots of impact. Like the Doconicum before, this Aquilegia flowers from now until late spring, and once settled will form clumps, producing single and double slowers in shades of red, blue and white. We have new stocks of these in now, but we don’t expect them to last for long.

Reason 3 – Pelargonium x Horortum (Zonal Geraniums)


We’re not huge fans of annual bedding plants here, but these Zonal Geraniums are actually topical perennials which are grown as annuals. Zonal geraniums are bushy plants, mainly used for containers and bedding, and these would look wonderful in a large tub or planter. They are quite large, so would probably not suit hanging baskets. We have white, coral pink, white and coral mix and cerise pink in stock now.

If you’d like to read my tongue-in-cheek opinion of bedding plants in general, hop over to my other blog for The Trouble with Bedding.

I hope these three wonderful plants can tempt you into a visit. We’re open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10–3 (although it’s been more like 10–4 the last couple of weeks). We even have some Easter treats for the young ones. Hope to see you there.